Gone are the days of formally posed family photos. I mean, I'll still snag a couple of you and your family all smiling at the camera - but a full hour of this just isn't possible (or all that fun).

In my five-ish years of photographing families, I have realized that the photos families love most are the ones that reflect their family - not just in the way they look - but in the way they capture the unique personalities of their kids. This can be challenging if your kids are shy. After all, they've never met me, so it's understandable that they might not feel comfortable to be themselves in front of me. The answer? A session that revolves around an activity.

Choosing an activity that you and your family love and having me document it completely takes the pressure off! It distracts your kids, allowing them to immerse themselves in whatever you choose to do - and it relieves any pressure you might feel to have them on their best behaviour. This doesn't mean that one of your kiddos isn't going to get upset, or that they won't scrape their knee, or (as you'll see below) get ice cream on their shirt. But here's the thing: those moments are a part of your life and will make you laugh years from now when you look back at the photos. Rachelle, the gorgeous mama you'll see in the following photos, told me how happy she was that I captured Chloe's ice cream spill because that's "totally her"; she's the one who isn't afraid to get dirty, and comes home covered in bruises.

Activities we can photograph:

  • Baking something in the kitchen
  • A trip to the farmer's market
  • Getting ice cream
  • An afternoon at the fair
  • Picnic on the beach
  • A hike on your favourite trail
  • A day by the pool
  • Fun at the cottage
  • Choosing your Christmas tree at the farm
  • ... and so much more!

What should we wear?

Another benefit of these sessions is that the activity you choose will often dictate what you're going to wear! That's less time worrying about picking (and possibly buying) the best outfits for everyone. But if that's something you enjoy doing, please do it! I love a stylish, coordinated fam & I've created a Pinterest board specifically for outfit inspiration. Some other tips here.

What time should we schedule our session?

There are two windows of time on a clear day that offer exceptional light - us photographers refer to them as "golden hour". Golden Hour occurs just before sunrise and just before sunset (the length of time varies depending on the season). This light is so dreamy; it's warm, it's soft, it's flattering, and (you guessed it) GOLD. I strongly encourage all of my clients to schedule their session during this time but I get that it's not always possible with work schedules or bedtimes. No worries - we will schedule something that works for you! Please keep in mind that weekends aren't available during wedding season and they book up quickly in the off season, so we may have to schedule your session on a weekday/weeknight.

What if the weather isn't cooperating on the day of our session?

It happens. Mother Nature isn't always kind to us. When choosing a date for your session, we'll consider the season in which it takes place and keep an eye on the forecast as we get closer. Not every session is #blessed with golden hour - but overcast/light rain/soft snow can create a whole other mood for your photos that's just as beautiful. Worst case scenario, we can reschedule!

So, are you ready to book your session? Get in touch through my contact page - we're going to have a blast!