Who I love working with:

I do this for the fun-loving couples; the light-hearted and laidback souls. Couples who are, without a doubt, marrying their best friend. Lovers who can poke fun at one another and who have too many inside jokes to count. Honeys who are just as happy with a lazy Sunday as they are with a wild and spontaneous night out. Couples who will binge-watch an entire series in a day and have food delivered so they can stay in their pajamas. A duo that gets so excited to show me their pet on Zoom and who has shamelessly canceled plans to stay home with said pet. Sweethearts who believe that their wedding day is a celebration of their love, and just one of the many special days that they will have together. If there were lots of nods and “mhms” while reading this, we’re going to get along so well. 

Why choose me?

You two need a photographer, that’s why you’re here. Maybe I'm the first one you’ve looked at – maybe I'm the 15th. I know how overwhelming planning a wedding can be. You’ve likely never planned an event this big and you might be losing track of all the recommendations and find that the details seem to be blurring together. Stress should be the last thing you feel when you think about marrying your partner. So, what does that have to do with me? It’s simple – I’m here to provide you and your partner a fun, stress-free experience. From offering vendor suggestions, to having a blast at your engagement session, to providing you with a wedding guide to help you organize your day, to pinning boutonnieres on groomsmen, helping your mom with her necklace, and getting you food if you forgot to eat – I got you. Additionally, I understand how expensive weddings can be, and that you both work hard for your money. I don't take your investment lightly and I want you to feel confident in choosing me as your photographer. I also know how valuable your time is and that's why I've included my wedding pricing below.

My business practice aside, I love love. It’s as simple as that. I get so excited to meet new couples and hear their story. I feel privileged to be invited into their lives, to meet their family and friends, and to document such a special day. The day I no longer feel that way will be the day I close up shop – because I wouldn’t be giving my couples my all. It’s also why I only take on a limited number of intimate weddings per year, and do my best to avoid booking back-to-back weddings: it allows me to take better care of my couples.

My approach

  • I photograph weddings in a way where someone who didn't attend feels like they did when they look at your photos
  • I prioritize moments over perfectly curated details
  • I edit photos to ensure they're timeless by mirroring the colours and feel of your day
  • I strike a balance between capturing heartfelt moments while maintaining a great experience for your guests
  • I honour how you want to spend your day

The Process


The first thing you need to ask yourselves before proceeding is if you think we'd be a good fit. Are you drawn to my work? Do you also love dogs, junk food & living life without socks? Do you think it would be fun to have me document your celebration? (Spoiler: it would be). Are you a laid-back couple looking to celebrate your love your way? If you answered yes to any of these, it's time we chat!


I want to meet you! This is such an important step in the process because I want to make sure we're all excited to work together. I also want to hear more about your wedding plans and (selfishly) any pets you have. This can be over the phone, on Zoom, or in person - whatever your comfort level is! If it's clear that we're going to have a blast together, we will make things official with a contract and retainer (and fun stuff, too).


We start creating magic together with your engagement photos (if you want them, of course) and prepping for the wedding day. We will discuss your timeline, the family photos you want captured, and all the other little details that get finalized along the way. We can connect as little or as often as you like. I answer all emails within 2 business days. Oh, and you can rest easy knowing that no question you have is silly.


The big day arrives! I show up early, we hug, I get to work, you marry your best friend, I cry, we party. Well, you party, I wait till I'm off the clock ;) You leave for your honeymoon (or your bed) and soak in that wedded bliss. A sneak peek will land in your inbox likely before you've had dinner the next day so you can dive right in to reliving the moments & sharing with family and friends. 10 weeks later, your fully edited (high resolution, ready to print) photos will be available in your online gallery.

2024 Wedding Collections

Simple & Sweet

If your day is a little more quiet and you only require a photographer for the ceremony and a small part of the reception, this collection is for you.


6 hours of coverage

Your pre-wedding consultation

Wedding guide filled with planning tips and inspiration

Timeline assistance

Online gallery to save & share

300+ Fully edited photos

A donation to the KW Humane Society (or animal organization of your choice)

$3000 +hst

The Favourite

My most popular collection - right in the middle. Getting ready, the most special dances & everything in between.


8 hours of coverage

Your pre-wedding consultation

Wedding guide filled with planning tips and inspiration

Engagement session

Timeline assistance

Online gallery to save & share

500+ Fully edited photos

A donation to the KW Humane Society (or animal organization of your choice)

$4000 +hst

The Complete Story

From the first pop of champagne to the late night snacks, I'll be there to capture it all.


10 hours of coverage

Your pre-wedding consultation

Wedding guide filled with planning tips and inspiration

Engagement session

Timeline assistance

Online gallery to save & share

700+ Fully edited photos

Personalized wooden keepsake box with 50 prints

A donation to the KW Humane Society (or animal organization of your choice)

$4800 +hst


What if we need something outside of your 3 wedding collections?

Every wedding is different and I'd be happy to create a custom collection that suits your needs! Please complete my contact form and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes! A 25% retainer is required to secure your wedding date. Should you choose to cancel your contract, the retainer is non-refundable. Your final balance will be due 7 days before the event.

What is an 'intimate' wedding?

An intimate wedding has a guest list of about 50-75 people (or less). Over the years, I've learned that I can tell a better story when I document weddings with a smaller guest list. If you plan on having more than 100 guests, let's add a second photographer!

What if we don't want/need engagement photos?

No problem! We can add an extra hour of coverage on your wedding day OR we can take a little bit of moolah off your balance. That being said, I'll want pick your brain (just a little) about why you're not feeling an engagement session. I'll never push couples into booking something they truly don't want, but honestly - my couples tend to leave their session feeling giddy and surprised at how much they enjoyed it!

Do we need a second photographer?

For the most part, I document weddings on my own. I would be happy to send you a full gallery so you can see what I'm capable of as your sole photographer. If you have a large number of guests (more than 100) and you're hoping for lots of guest candids, let's add a second photographer. Often times, the best part of the day to get these candids is during cocktail hour - but if we need to do portraits at this time (family, wedding party, couple shots), it may affect how many images I am able to get. Additionally, if you and your partner are getting ready at the same time and want these portions of the day documented, a second may be needed. Leave it to me to secure a professional photographer to assist for either half or full day coverage.

How far will you travel?

Most of the work I do is in the Guelph, Kitchener, and Cambridge area - but I'd be happy to travel across the globe for your wedding! My passport is up to date and my bags can be packed in a jiff. For any shoots out of area, travel fees will be added.

How late will you stay?

Full day wedding coverage typically ends between 9-10pm. Unless you have late-night poutine or a killer dance party... #willstayforcarbs

Do we have to feed you?

I would love if you did! It's also in my contract - so, yes *haha*. I kindly request that you seat me in the same room as your guests so I don't miss a moment! It's been noted (numerous times) how fast I eat at weddings, so don't you worry - I'm back on my feet as soon as possible.

When will we get our photos?

Your online gallery will be delivered to you 10 weeks after your big day. But I know how hard the wait can be, so you'll get a little surprise in your inbox shortly after the wedding!

How many photos will we receive?

Every wedding is different! I remove photos with technical flaws, ones with people blinking/talking/eating, as well as repetitive images. On average, I deliver 60 photos per hour, but I won't cap the number of images you receive. I don't withhold any gems! You can refer to my wedding collections for the minimum number of photos I promise to deliver.

Do you do wedding albums?

Sure do (prints, too)! I'm very proud to partner with a number of professional Canadian shops to provide you with high quality keepsakes for your wall, or coffee table. You know, the stuff that your house guests will gush over, and your parents will want for themselves ;)

What happens if you can't make it to our wedding?

In the VERY unlikely event that I am unable to shoot your wedding, a few things will happen: I will give you as much notice as possible that I am no longer available, I will refund all money received less any services rendered (ie; engagement photos), and I will provide you with as many options as possible for a replacement. I will secure a list of photographers that are available for your date, and do my best to find someone with a similar style and price. While this may be TMI, I have photographed a wedding with a bladder infection, and another with a splitting headache. Unless I am deceased, I will be there.