Today I felt inspired to blog one of my most favourite engagement sessions to date. I may be a bit biased because Nick and I have formed the sweetest friendship with these two - but their cuteness should be shared.

I knew Natasha & Tyler were my kinda people when we first bonded over animals. They both loved that my wedding collections include a donation to the local humane society and their excitement at the thought of meeting Hank made my heart swell. Nick and I invited them over to our house for their wedding consult and spent most of the afternoon laughing and fawning over our fur baby. It should be noted that Tyler is allergic to dogs but continuously rubbed his face against Hank's while saying "worth it". It took everything in me not to ask them if they wanted to be friends. Please tell me why this is so awkward and weird as an adult. Lucky for us - the feeling was mutual.

We've spent some more time with these two goofs since their engagement session and are so looking forward to their June wedding! If their friends and family are half as sweet and fun as these two, we're in for a very emotional and hilarious party.

Engagement Session Deets: Natasha and Tyler told me very early on that they wanted their engagement session near the water - Rouge Beach, specifically. Natasha worked at a summer camp there and adored the area. She also insisted that it be scheduled in the summer (or shortly after) while she was still tanned ahaha - I totally understood. Like most couples, they warned me that they are super awkward in front of the camera and are not used to having their photos taken. We spent close to an hour wandering the beach, listening to music, and talking about Hank (these two love our dog probably as much as we do). We played a hilarious game of the dirty ABCs (no spoilers for my couples who have yet to have their session) and made the trip back to Kitchener together talking about the MOST random things on the way. Their love is affectionate, playful, and so friggin' sincere - as you'll see below. It's safe to say that I adore em and can't wait to see them say "I do".

xx C