I met Hilary at a photography workshop back in August of 2018. I was immediately drawn to her sweet personality, her sense of humour, and her love of dogs. Though we didn't spend a whole lot of time chatting that day, we followed each other on social media and have kept in touch since.

When Hilary reached out to ask if I would photograph her engagement session, I was so incredibly flattered. It's always humbling when couples & families choose you to document such special seasons in life, but when a fellow photographer asks you to take their photos - there's just this added sweetness (and pressure haha).

Given that Hilary and I are both photographers, we sensed early on that it would be a challenge to choose a day that we were both available. We would throw some dates at each other and find that the other was booked and push the session off a week or two. But with summer starting to fade away, and fall around the corner, our window was closing. Hilary sent me a message on a Thursday evening and asked if I would be up for something a little crazy - a sunrise session that Saturday. Given the time of year, we knew we would need to start around 7am to get that golden glow. For those that know me, you know I'm not a morning person *face palm* - but I knew how magical this session would be if the forecast was kind to us. I was in.

Scotsdale Farm was actually the location for the practice shoot at the workshop where Hil and I met - so it was pretty flippin' cute that we went back to the place that we met. We joked that the engagement shoot might have been a bit more special for Hilary and I than it was for Jon and her ;) While it was early, and incredibly cold, mother nature couldn't have gifted us with better light. These two were such great sports wearing summer attire in 5 degree weather. We had to time our breathing just right so you wouldn't see our breath in the shots - but it also allowed these hunnies to get in lots of snuggles to stay cozy. These two don't need a reason to be close, though. Their love is playful and calm all at once.

As the minutes passed by, the sun brought more warmth. We soaked in all that the Scotsdale Farm property has to offer and fulfilled Hil's vision of a session in the field. We wrapped up as a television crew started to roll in for filming, and all agreed that we had earned some fast-food breaky and a siesta.

Congratulations again to such a sweet pair! Hilary - I adore you & and am so happy that you found someone as sweet (and as tall :P) as Jon to adventure through life with. Thank you again, so much, for choosing me to document such a special time in your lives.

Lots of love,

C xx

PS. The film crew? They were there for 'The Handmaid's Tale'!!