It's the trend that took Pinterest by storm: seeing your honey before the ceremony.

Okay cuties, here's the scoop: I have never had a couple regret doing a first look. That being said, it is totally and completely up to you! If you're a more traditional couple who would prefer to wait until the ceremony to see each other, no problem! If you're not sure one way or the other, here are some things to consider:

  • The day goes by SO fast - a first look will allow you two to spend more of the day together! It may also help ease any pre-ceremony nerves (which are totally normal & common)
  • A first look is a wonderful opportunity to get some photos of the two of you that are 100% candid (and adorable). My FAVE.
  • It will free up your timeline: when couples opt to do a first look we are usually able to bang out the bridal party photos and/or the family photos before the ceremony! This means you can spend all / most of your cocktail hour visiting with guests.
  • If you do a first look, the feeling of walking down the aisle to your partner is not diminished in any way. I promise. It's a whole other kind of excitement! And most couples still cry... ;)

Does tradition remain the priority? No problem. You can still have a "first look" with other loved ones on the day! Many of my brides have done a reveal with a parent, a grandparent, or their bridesmaids. See some of the photos below that are sure to hit you right in the "feels".