Holy crap - my first ever BLOG (but I'd rather call it a journal 'cause that's way cuter)! I resisted doing this for longer than I'd like to admit, but I've realized that while brides & grooms want to see pretty photos, they also want to know more about the couples and their story.

Rewind to October 2019 - Nick and I had just photographed what I thought was my last wedding of the year. We ended on a high note in Collingwood with Dana & Shaun and I was gearing up for the holidays and many overdue admin tasks since making the move to full-time.

*PING* A wedding inquiry popped into my inbox mid-November. Christine had emailed me to let me know that her & her partner, Adison, were having a very simple and intimate (16 guests) wedding at Langdon Hall on December 21st. She had gotten my name from fellow photographer, and friend, Melissa (of Melissa Photography & Design), and wondered if I was still available. Luckily we were communicating via email so I was able to conceal my squeals of excitement. Not only was I available, I had been to Langdon twice before as a second shooter so I was thrilled about the possibility of shooting my first 'solo' wedding there. Christine booked me almost immediately.

A few days later, Christine, Adison and I chatted over the phone about their upcoming wedding. My first impression of them was that they were extremely laid-back and very excited about getting hitched. They told me that Adison was living in the US and would be making the move to Canada - and that they would need these wedding photos for his passport application (no pressure). They also shared that they had planned to get married at City Hall but a close friend of theirs had very generously pulled some strings and insisted that they host their celebration at Langdon. Meant to be.

On the morning of, I arrived at the beautiful estate to officially meet the happy couple. It was the most perfect winter day. Fresh snow on the ground, sun in the sky, and mild enough for photos without coats (a photographer's dream). After a few minutes in the lobby, the doors opened and in walked Christine & Adison, hand-in-hand. Christine was wearing a stunning navy skirt that flowed effortlessly as she walked, cinched at the waist with an elegant vine belt. She completed the look with a long-sleeved white lace top and a pair of suede ankle boots. Adison sported a classic navy suit with tan shoes and a clean silver tie. I'm not sure why I assumed that Christine would be in a bridal gown but I could not have loved her outfit more. Later, when I showed Nick the photos, he asked what Hallmark Christmas movie these two had walked out of. When you see them, you'll know exactly what he meant - these two are GORGEOUS.

After a quick hug and hello, we were guided to the ceremony spot by their coordinator and friend, Diana. With Christmas only a few days away, the trees on the ground were lit with lights, wreaths were hung on the windows of each room, and rustic lanterns added warmth to the space where they would say "I do". I was speechless - I couldn't have imagined anything more beautiful.

Unlike most of the weddings I document, my day started with the couples portraits. Armed with hand warmers, the three of us walked around the grounds of Langdon chatting and laughing. It wasn't long before I felt like I was an old friend - a testament to how friendly and warm these two are. Adison and I recited quotes from Step Brothers to each other, while Christine said "yes" to literally every photo idea I had.

After wrapping up the portrait session of the day, it was time for the ceremony. Those nearest and dearest to the couple shuffled in and greeted the couple with the biggest smiles and the tightest hugs. While the service was short, it was filled with love and happy tears. Christine and Adison joked that signing the papers was the best part. After they were officially announced as husband and wife, Adison celebrated with a fist-pump, while his bride held his other hand and radiated pure joy (see the adorable photo below).

Following the ceremony, Christine and Adison opted for a champagne toast and held each other close while their parents shared their admiration and love for the couple in the sweetest speeches. Elegant holiday cocktails were served while guests snacked on the charcuterie board of my dreams. We made sure to set some time aside for photos with family and friends, and after many thanks (from me to them, and them to me), it was time for me to depart. Though it was both the shortest & smallest wedding I have documented to date, it will forever be one of my favourites.

Wishing the newlyweds all the best in this new chapter - congrats again to Christine & Adison!

xx C