To my Brides and Grooms:

I was lucky enough to marry my best friend on September 9th, 2017. I get it - wedding planning can be stressful, and choosing someone to document ALL the hard work you put into the day? Nearly impossible. I would know (haha). I mention this because I think it's important; photographing weddings is one thing, but understanding what it is to plan one is another. I'm here to help you organize your timeline, offer vendor suggestions, and keep you laughing! After all, you get to marry your favourite person - and that's so friggin' awesome!

Who I love creating for:

A couple that can let loose and be in the moment (like the ones you'll see below). Sweethearts who aren't going to get caught up in the details because they're too busy celebrating and lovin' on each other. Why? Because there's one thing I know to be true for each and every wedding, and it's this: the day goes by so fast. I don't want you to waste one second worrying that your bouquet isn't quite right, that the groomsmen are late, that your veil isn't behaving, or that the sky is threatening rain. You know why? Because you put way too much of your heart into planning this day to have it be anything less than amazing. So, if you can let the small stuff go and trust the process - then I can promise that it's going to be so darn good.

Will I cry at your wedding?

Most likely.

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